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Welcome to my Blog!

Hello, my name is Emily. I am a administrative assistant to a non-profit organization by day, and a crafter by night. I live in rural Wisconsin with my husband and two cats.

Pepi • Susu is my sewing blog. I have been sewing since I was a kid, but in the last few years I have been taking this hobby more seriously. I am not an "expert" by any means, but I am excited to share what I know with other people interested in getting involved in sewing.

I hope that this blog will serve as an archive of my projects, a record of my my progress, and also a place for other beginner sewers to come and to learn about sewing and to be inspired.

You can find my craft blog, The Cute Octopus, by clicking the link or using the link in the Pages bar above.

My Sewing Machines

Kenmore Ultra Stitch 12
Brother 3034D Serger

Who's Pepi • Susu?

I named this blog Pepi • Susu after my cats, Pepper, Pip, Sugar, and Sukey. Yes, I am a crazy cat-lady!

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